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We are Alchemists.

We love transformation.

About Us

The Digital Alchemy way – At its heart, Digital Alchemy is created based on a common love of transformation. We exist to provide our clients with a chance to create, transform and refine their digital presence. We treat our clients as our partners – they have the materials with which we build our work upon. As the driving force of the project, we’re guided by them and their ideas. In turn, we offer them counsel and show them how their concepts can be turned into possibilities. Together with our clients, we will go through all the processes of dismantling and reconstructing these elements, until we reach an end product that goes beyond expectations. This, we believe, is the key to mastering the art of transformation!
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Who we are



With over 15 years of experience in the design industry, Lou is a creative thinker whose expertise ranges from Branding, UX/UI to Packaging and Interior Design. Meticulous in her work, Lou is a digital design silverback who will be happy to help you find a solution to your creative needs.



Laura’s passionate about making content and information beautiful, engaging and most of all, relevant. Being an avid reader, she loves creating, recreating and transforming stories. With 20 year’s experience in research, she is an expert at data management systems, visualization, and analytics.

Our Story

Like a lot of good ideas, Digital Alchemy was born on a rainy day around a coffee table. It started with a conversation about how much we all appreciate and admire tradition, ancient philosophies and the old way of doing things. However, we also realised that we are all alchemists at heart – we are keen tinkers and experimenters. We love taking concepts and ideas apart, then rebuilding the pieces using our own brand of alchemy – transforming them into the perfect blend of old and new, of familiar and extraordinary. And so, Digital Alchemy came to be…our very own digital workshop, where we can fuse tradition and innovation!

Innovation through tradition

Our name itself, Digital Alchemy, is derived from the old and the new – an ancient philosophy applied to the most modern of technologies. For us, each project is an exciting chance to get to know our clients; their stories, ideas and products. We make it our quest to find their unique element and transform it into something extraordinary. This is the philosophy we live and breathe, the mantra by which we create all of our products.


Be an Alchemist

Be an Alchemist

Have what it takes to think outside of the box and be a part of a creative dynamic thinkers? Come and speak to us for freelancing opportunities!

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