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Target Customer Experience

The Statement

A supportive, personalised online service that is seamless and effortless in self serve to support TalkTalk’s offering in Fibre for Everyone. This will provide flexibility and best value for new and existing customers, progressively improving their customer experience beyond TalkTalk’s standard service offering.

Customer Experience Principles


To build experiences that are personalised to meet unique needs of the individual user based on specific situation or context of use, offering customers what they need and when they need it.



To have a strong foundation of product/service competency, coupled with efficiency in our system architecture as well as business culture, offering enriched, consistent user experience.


Digital first

To serve omni-channel experience across, using multi-channel approach to marketing, selling, and serving customers in a way that creates an integrated and cohesive customer experience no matter how/where a customer reaches out.



To be adaptable, not only to perceive, but also swiftly respond to the changing needs of customers through proactive listening, feedback and being ready with solutions that can be tailored to customers needs.



Empowering and enabling users to self-serve and  discover solutions and info efficiently and effortlessy/low effort.



Consistency improves the usability and learnability of the product and is core to a user experience.

The data

Understanding our target market was the first step in our journey. We gathered the most recent data and customer insights to identify user behaviour, problems, interests and how we can cater to their needs.


The data pointed to us that:

  1. Majority of our customers prefer to call us rather than self serve, with billing queries forming the largest volume of calls.
  2. We also found problems with our online check out process, and as a consequence to that our conversion rate suffer.
  3. We are also aware from the data that authentication is a major barrier, and that we see a trend of customers abandoning login after a few attempts.
  4. Other problems are around early life experience where a new line may be unstable and lack of explanation from TalkTalk may negatively impact new customers’ experience.

The user flow

We ‘looked under the bonnet’ of the existing tech stack and user flow – with the data and customer pain points we discovered, we are able to put improvements in place. We have done this task under a new programme called ‘Strategic Proposition’ – this allows us to marry up user needs to business needs.

Sales FlowMy Account Flow

The persona

We use segmentation to help us understand, design and cater for a certain type of audience. This means taking into consideration general details about our average customer, such as their demographic, gender, motivation, online behaviour and socio-economic status.

Persona - Rehan

The sketches

We then started sketching to generate and convey ideas in product and service design because they are quick to make, they kill ambiguity and help others to envision the future.


When we have basic sketches of customers touchpoints – what they may see, feel and do, we strung it together to formulate a storyline. The use of our persona has helped in shaping the story into a tangible one.

See Sketches

The illustrations

Verbalising an abstract idea for a product or a service is not very practica and the challenge with verbal communication, especially when we try to explain rather complex service ideas, is that we assume that what we say will be understood by our audience precisely the way we understand and see it in our head. Unfortunately, it rarely happens – hence from the sketches, we moved our ideas into illustrative format to bring the story to live!

See Target CX