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UXUI Portfolio

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Target CX

Customer Experience is the sum of interactions between a customer and a company and the resulting impression that a customer walks away with. I believe  putting investment in CX strategy will increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy and benefit the business in the long term.

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Product Vision

Product vision ‘Alchemy’ is a strategic initiative which I believe is crucial to all businesses, and it serves as the north star that represents the core essence of its product or service. It also sets the direction for where a product is headed, or the end state for what a product will deliver in the future.

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TalkTalk UI

A design system that goes hand in hand with the need for scalability, efficiency, and consistency. We designed, created and tested each system to find the most effective approach in usability and accessibility, ensuring the most effortless UX, engaging UI and delightful online experience.

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Visual Design & Print

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Fashion Doll Repaint

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Aquascape Art

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Interior Design

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